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All you prospective Bushcrafters/Carvers, please see and join us on this quest. Join today, in order that we build...

A selection of hand made Ahti Knives from Finland are now available! The Ahti Juhla, Leuku,...

Soon to arrive, more Ahti knife stock including three new models!

Pro Venture Products and our friends at Go Foods have got together to introduce the first products in a range of products PVP will offer! Currently you can find these products in our cooking section.

Introducing Six selected knives/tools from the Antonini of Italy, range!

We have introduced My Parang (Malaysia) Duku's 10" & 12 " Well crafted handmade tools!

Three of the popular Condor "Large knives" are back in stock!
The Hudson Bay
the Lochnessmuk
The Pack Golok

Three more Mora Knives added to our stock, they are:
The Mora Chisel
The Mora Precision
The Mora Safe

The full range of the popular Mora spoon & bowl carving knives are now back in stock!

We are pleased to say, "for fans of the Mora Classic Range", number 2 is back in stock and we have added number 1 to our range, now you can choose from, 2/0 - 2 - or - 1