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Coming up, is Tick Bite prevention week 11th to 17th April see
for details.
Although generated primarily for UK...

Just arrived, stocks of the Mora Companion MG.
A revised Clipper 860MG.
The new knive, has a 2.5mm thick blade, an improved (more comfortable) handle and a
new sheath with improved...

MKettle has arrived in SA.
The doublewalled mini kettle for lightweight carry!
Perfect for camping, backpacking/hiking, fishing,cycling and kayaking.
The list is endless for Outdoor activities.

The Survival Expert is a great UK site, with tips on how to cope with the great outdoors, although originating in the UK, the principals apply where ever you are in the world.
This is a site to log onto on a regular...

Introducing "Boycott" PVP's mascot/chief of security. and yes he is a Yorkie, only he's of the rarer Chocolate Brown Variety.

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To quote Tim Stetzer (Associate Editor of
"Anyone even vaguely into the bushcraft scene knows that the humble Mora knife is a staple amongst its advocates.
The extremely reasonable price...

The team behind the successfull Bushcaft show, "The Wilderness Gathering" have launched a new look web site.
Go to www....

Stocks of KUPILKA outdoor dishes & cutlery have arrived from Finland.
See our product page for details.

So, what is Kaktus?
Put simply, Kaktus is a unique new survival product. Kaktus combines rainwater collection, solar-still and vegetation-still, in one unique package.
Rainwater Collection, you can suspend...